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Excellent Tips for Wearing a Lapel Pin

Picking the best lapel pin to wear on your outfit may not be simple for you but if you know how you are going to put it on is important and will have to make everything easy for you. It is important for you to first understand the various types of lapel pins and prefer the one which you like making it simple for you to wear. You need to know that your selection too will have to depend on the occasion. It is important for you to wear the lapel pin in the right way. Hence, here are the excellent tips for wearing a lapel pin that you need to know.

Wearing the lapel pin should always be done on the left lapel. Since the right hand is used for shaking, wearing the lapel pin will not make any sense. Through the shaking, you will be covering your lapel pin if you had placed it on the right lapel and hence, the left is recommended. It is even not logical for you to wear the lapel pin on the right lapel since it does not even look fashionable. It is important for you to do things which other people do for fashion and wearing the lapel pin on the left lapel is what you need to do.

Multiple lapel pins wearing is also allowed, and it is a better way to break the monotony. This is very important as part of decoration and even at some point for promotion. Make sure you are wearing all the pins on the left lapel but they need to appear in such a way that they are elegant and not messy. If there is a rhyme between the lapel pins and your tie, you can also place one in the middle of your tie. It is important for you to make a perfect selection for that elegant look.

When wearing these pins, they should not be used in place of cuff-links. It is important also for you to know about the occasions before you are to choose the lapel pin to put on. Depending on the occasion, there are many different pi styles for you. For this reason, you need to learn about the formal and non-formal lapel pins and where they are well applicable.

Also, beware that they are both for men and women and better selection for rhyme is required. Many styles are there which will be compatible with your outfit and it is important for you to get professional guidance from a good stylist for the same. If you need to show off your lapel pin well, this is the right guide for you.

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