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3 Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hemp Dryer

You have to choose a hemp dryer wisely in order to realize the benefits in the hemp market. You should not worry about the cost of the equipment when buying it because its services over time outweigh the purchasing price. Most of the industrial machines last for more than twenty years. That is why you have to research extensively before buying a hemp dryer so that you can buy one that will last for that length of time or more.

The hemp dryer you choose determines the quality of the products you produce, the operational costs of the equipment, the safety of the workers, production cost, and the amount of material loss during the drying process. The following are the main factors to consider when choosing a hemp dryer.

1 Drying Temperature Range

The temperature range when drying help is important as it determines the outcome of the product. When the temperatures inside the dryer are too high, they could affect the outcome of the hemp while low temperatures affect the reaction of the chemicals during the drying process. Also, when the temperatures inside the dryer are too low, it will take more time to dry the hemp.

Previously, hemp drying companies used to dry hemp by hanging it outside and waiting for it to dry naturally. The process was long and it had several setbacks including the time it took to dry the products and the risk of mold. However, industrial drying has been a quicker and more efficient way of drying hemp because it costs less to dry the products and it produces a variety of products.

2. Temperature Control

The right temperatures determine the quality of the end product. Most of the drying methods can not match the quality of products the hemp drier produces because they use air or fluid processes.

The microwave heating method transfers the heat directly to the product. This is better than using air or fluid from outside the microwave because you can start and stop microwave heating immediately. Also, the temperature sensors in a microwave dryer measure the actual temperature of the materials you will be heating. Therefore, thermal processing is better and can be used in a narrow temperature spectrum.

Another advantage of using the right temperature when drying hemp is that you can control the drying speed which will reduce the drying cost when you use the right amount of temperature.

3. Cost Efficiency

This one is self-explanatory. Using the right amount of heating has a direct effect on energy costs. The hemp dryer is expensive. Therefore, you should do proper cost research before buying one. Also, you should consider the general operating cost of the machine throughout its lifespan. Buying a cheap machine could cost you more in repairs and maintenance costs after some time.

When buying a hemp dryer you have to take your time before making your final decision. A hemp dryer is expensive and making the wrong choice could cost you a fortune in repairs. If you are buying the machine for the first time or you made a wrong choice when buying one previously, consider the factors above when making your decision so that you can buy the best hemp dryer.

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