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A Quick Look at Contested Divorce

There are varied reasons why people file for a divorce. Before you take advantage of a divorce lawyer and seek their help to represent you, you have to know your options. The local court offers you an array of case options if you plan to file for a divorce petition. Take, for instance, a contested divorce, and in the following paragraphs, you will get a quick glimpse about this divorce option and what you can expect from it. What follows are some of the basics of contested divorce that you need to know if you plan to file this case.

A contested divorce essentially works this way. If a couple on the process of divorcing is unable to civilly resolve their settlement agreement, one of the spouses can go to their local court and file for a petition. Once the petition is filed by one of the spouses, the other spouse will have divorce papers served to them. The other party will then be given an ample amount of time to respond to what their spouse has filed. Resolving issues between parties is expected when the other party strong disagrees with the demands or terms highlighted by their spouse on the document. With the absence of proper resolution, the court will ask both parties to show up and finally defend themselves. This is what contested divorces are all about. The whole process not only takes a great deal of time but also is very expensive and stressful. To get the best results when going to the court, both parties need to hire experienced divorce lawyers.

There are advantages to filing for a contested divorce in comparison to filing for other types of divorce petitions. For one, the court will make sure to monitor all of the proceedings in court. Also, the court ensures to come up with suitable and just decisions that will benefit both parties. Simply, you can be sure that through local court help, you are getting what you truly deserve from the divorce settlement.

If you and your spouse have joint bank accounts, substantial assets, minor children, and other major issues surrounding your divorce, then you know that you both can take advantage of a contested divorce. Through the judge that helps look over your case, you know that they will fairly decide and divide your properties as well as custody arrangement.

Filing for a contested divorce also helps those who have certain settlement demands. If you are looking to get sold custody arrangement of your children or child, filing for this kind of divorce also helps. When you bring these concerns to court, you will get more chances of winning your case.

Since filing for a contested divorce is going to take a lot of time and money on both your part and that of your spouse, you have to only choose this option if you truly cannot settle anything by yourselves. You are left with no other choice but to take your case to court if you cannot wait for your wife or husband to come around.

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